Dr Anita Taylor is a leading technical expert in Food Safety compliance and Risk-Based Quality Management Systems. Her focus is to create an alliance with you that will support you through the compliance process in an efficient and streamlined manner.

Professional Qualifications

Anita’s is a qualified veterinarian, Auditor, and RMP evaluator with the HACCP 28265 qualification.

Government Experience

Anita previously worked for MPI for 13 years. During this time, she developed a strong interest in food safety and quality systems, and gained extensive knowledge of the compliance requirements of NZ businesses producing food and animal products.


Expert Advice For New Zealand Businesses

Anita witnessed businesses that were lacking resource and technical expertise and running inefficient systems resulting in escalating compliance costs.  This prompted a strong desire to further help businesses in these specialist areas.

Anita specializes in:

Risk Management Programmes Food Safety
Food Control Plans Internal Compliance
HACCP Food Labels
Animal Products Imported Food, Plants & Biological Products
Quality Systems Plant Export Requirements for Stores
Overseas Market Access Requirements Animal Welfare


Anita’s philosophy is to bridge the gap between MPI and industry through her knowledge of MPI regulations, technical expertise, and processes.

She is driven by positively contributing to New Zealand’s leading reputation in food safety and animal welfare. Anita strongly believes in the importance of protecting “NZ Inc” and its reputation.