Welcome to ATC Consulting

ATC Consulting is a Tauranga based consultancy company specialising in personalised food safety solutions for companies processing animal products and food for local and export markets.

Companies which manufacture, transport, store or export food products must comply with New Zealand Legislation under the Animal Products Act 1999 and/or the Food Act 2014.

Additional requirements are usually needed to enable export to overseas markets. ATC Consulting has extensive experience in the export requirements of animal and food products.

ATC Consulting can help you with:

Risk Management Programmes registered under the Animal Products Act, Non-Dairy Risk Management Programme Evaluations, Food Control Plans and National Programmes registered under the Food Act, HACCP (training, development, reviews and amendments), Food Safety Training, Listeria Management Programmes, Validations, Label Verifications, Internal Audits and MPI AP Ecert.